3 Things Batman has in Common with this Real Estate Investing Expert

I’m not saying I’m Bruce Wayne, I’m just saying Batman and I have never been in same room together… Joking! I told you my five year old inspires me. Recently we had a conversation about my favorite superhero and how I am like him. I figured I would throw in a few ways I’m not like Batman, just to keep it fair and balanced. Spoiler alert: I’m a little bit of a Batman “geek”.

If you want the whole entire story of Franklin Cruz…

Here is a video of my backstory, I bet you can’t make it through without crying:

So in what ways is Franklin Cruz like Batman?

1. We were both orphans that grew up without their parents.


Gotham City I was born in New York City which is the basis for Batman’s fictional Gotham City.

2. Batman was like Sherlock Holmes, making him the most badass superhero/ detective ever.


batman detectiveDC Comics was originally called Detective Comics back in the 1940’s. Batman is actually celebrating his 75th anniversary. Franklin is considered one of the best real estate investing expert “detectives” – teaching people how to become expert house hunter, etc.

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batman saves woman

3. Giving back to the community Batman saves and protects the innocent.
Franklin Cruz is the founder of Hope for Homes Project.


Batman doesn’t have in common with Franklin…

1. The Dark Knight was mysterious


Franklin and friendEven his own friends (Like Cody Sperber Above) didn’t understand why he so often hid from his true power. This couldn’t be further from the truth about Franklin. He’s one of the most transparent and positive professionals you’ll ever meet.

2. Bruce Wayne inherited his billions from his parents. 


75 Years of Batman

75 years, and he’s still the best superhero ever! What keeps Batman just as relevant today as in 1939?

Batman has always been seeking justice, not revenge. Batman suffers terrible tragedy, but overcomes that tragedy by not only mastering his internal condition, but using that best, most powerful version of himself in service of others. The Dark Knight basically says “this terrible thing happened to me, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure it doesn’t happen to others.” That’s inspiring to me. That is exactly why I do what I do. Because I love it, and because I want to be of service to others who love what I do. That will, that determination to say, I will do what I can to make the world a better place, not by getting revenge, but by seeking justice… That’s why he’s still relevant 75 years after he was created.

Who is you or your kid’s favorite superhero and why? Which story inspires you the most? What superhero are YOU most like?

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Franklin A. Cruz
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