3 Tips + Crossfit + (me) = Real Estate Domination

 I have been known to try many workouts in my day, but I haven’t ever encountered one as awesome as Crossfit. Crossfit has a lot of parallels to my professional life. I have boiled this Crossfit knowledge down into three key lessons you can takeaway from, hopefully making you a better investor.

1. The first lesson you learn in Crossfit is that you CANNOT EVER QUIT!

Quitting is NOT an option!

Quitting is NOT an option!

Quitting is NEVER an option! You will use this same motto as a Real Estate Investor. As a Real Estate Investor, you can’t quit! You have to keep calling. You have to keep talking to sellers. You have to keep talking to buyers. Even if it looks grim, just believe in the motto and believe in your mentor. Success comes from pushing yourself. If you don’t have a mentor, it will be difficult. In Crossfit, there’s a coach. Coaches motivate you. It’s their job to see something you can’t see and help you improve on it. I highly recommend a mentor, whether it’s us or another group, but having the right mentor will guide you to success. You shouldn’t do this alone!

2. Second lesson of Crossfit is “be humble”. In Crossfit, there’s a movement called double unders. There was a time that I hadn’t mastered double unders. Double unders is when the jump rope spins under you twice in a single jump.


For 3 months, I couldn’t perform double unders, but I never quit. I never gave up. I practiced every day! I continued trying until I finally got it.


Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? You kept trying until you learned how to balance yourself and stay on your bike. It’s the same philosophy with real estate investing. In real estate, you have to be humble. Making good money is not going to happen on every single deal.

Life is a balancing act. Investing is no different.

Life is a balancing act. Investing is no different.

3. The third lesson to take away from Crossfit is be sure to set and crush Personal Records.



 (For example: My First Muscle-Up)

In Crossfit, you always want to set a new personal record and aim for a new one. Great athletes are like this, too. Michael Jordan was arguably the best basketball player of all time. When his Chicago Bulls pulled in one of their several championships, he would celebrate for a while, as he rightfully should. But he wouldn’t get comfortable, he would then do what all great professionals do after achieving success: he would get back to work and aim higher. Real estate investing is like this, too. Each and every closing, you have the ability to work towards a better personal record. With each passing deal, you have the opportunity to make more and more money

 Most importantly, track your progress. In Crossfit, the most important thing is the track your progress. The first time I did a FRAN workout, I did it in 4 minutes and 20 seconds, which is not bad, but not great. The second time I tried, I did it faster. The third time I did it in 2 minutes and 45 seconds (PR by 1 minute and 35 seconds). It’s a grueling workout. If you’re up for a challenge, here’s a link from Men’s Fitness on FRAN’s workout


Tracking your progress in real estate investing is just as essential. How many calls did you make? How much time are you spending on each call? How many leads did you get? How many are turning into contracts? How much profit did you make? Keeping track of your progress allows you to see if you are getting better or weaker. Getting weaker doesn’t mean you QUIT! HELL NO! It just means you get back up, flex your muscles again and consult your mentor.


Hopefully, you got something out of this article. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. What’s your favorite workout and how did it help you? Has anyone gotten results with P90X or Insanity? If you are fellow Crossfitter, I would love to hear from you! Whether it’s Pukey the Clown or any other Crossfitter comments.


Stay blessed, friends. Here’s to your success with real estate.


Franklin A. Cruz

“America’s Real Estate Mentor aka the REI Drill Sergeant”