7 Real Estate Investing Myths DEBUNKED (You GOTTA Read #3)

Image from forbes http://blogs-images.forbes.com/geristengel/

Image from forbes http://blogs-images.forbes.com/geristengel/

Meet Bev.

Bev is an insurance agent. Her annual salary is about $100,000. Despite the good money, she still HATES HER JOB! She isn’t motivated by her supervisors, she doesn’t get along with her coworkers. She has a dream of becoming a real estate investor who has financial freedom to live life the way she wants… But she believes these DEADLY MYTHS that prevent her – like many others – from even trying.



MYTH #1: 

“OMG! Real estate investing is way too risky… You might lose money, why not just enjoy the financial security of staying at your safe corporate job?”


Have you seen any of my blog posts about student success? While it is true that real estate can be risky if you go it alone, all of my students (80%) are successful because I have taken years to develop a system that flat out works.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect.  I have screwed up and lost $100,000’s of dollars, plus I have also made Millions of dollars.  So the Profit outweighs the lost.

Image from Mensblog

Image from Mensblog

MYTH #2:

My friend knows someone who lost a lot of money in real estate…”


A mentorship with an expert REI investor is nothing like the “take a shot in the dark” mistake that many rookie investors make. People think it’s a get rich quick opportunity, and miss all of the challenging yet fulfilling work involved with running your own real estate investment business. Mentorship involves a business plan you will make that’s tailored to ensure your personal success.

MYTH #3: 

Are you going to be a landlord or a fixer-upper “like that show” Flip The House?


NEWS FLASH! Reality TV shows like Flip This House (Which never show a disclaimer:) claim to be “based on a true story”, but are dramatized half-truths of stories IF they are even true at all. Of course they have interesting programming, HGTV is NOT in the business of teaching you about real estate (like I am) – they are in the business of delivering your eyeballs to their advertisers. And that’s about it.

MYTH #4: 

They think it will take forever to see any kind of ROI.


Whoever is telling you these things needs to do some research. The average ROI time for students I mentor is (is faster than others.  and what they realize it’s a lot of different options to make income now with real estate investing)

MYTH #5: 

The three most important things in determining property value ALWAYS are: location, location, and location.


The most important thing in real estate investment is the profit margin in the deal. There is oftentimes more profit in less desirable locations…then a home (that you would move in to)

MYTH #6:

Now that the U.S. Property Market has Recovered there is Less Money to be made.


This couldn’t be further from the truth if it were seen on CNN or MSNBC Money. In fact, the new-found certainty and increased liquidity in markets are making it even easier to make money in real estate. “Making your money when you buy” is ideal, but certainly does not mean you must buy problematic bank foreclosures. Even long-time stock market supporter Warren Buffett revealed recently that he believes the smart investor is increasingly looking towards real estate in an ever-changing and improving market.


MYTH #7:

I Don’t Have Any Experience


Many of my students have little or no experience with real estate. As I’ve said before, my students are successful for a reason.

As a real estate investing mentor, I help people like Bev see out of the fog of sinful REI myths and have a crystal clear vision of how to achieve the ultimate success in their life. The fog and fear that debilitates many investing rookies quickly vanishes once they realize we’ve all been there once before. Are you or someone you know in a destructive mentality like Bev?


Franklin Cruz