About Me

“Mr. Franklin Cruz – The People’s Mentor”


Franklin Cruz is an entrepreneur who specializes in Real Estate Investments, Property Management and Property Rehabilitation. He is the founder of several Real Estate companies and projects such as Bentley Private Fund.

Describing MR. FRANKLIN CRUZ is simple because his credentials speak for themselves. The character of a man is defined by the ways in which he lives and conducts himself both personally and professionally. Franklin hits a home run in both fields.

But not only did he beat the odds, he smashed through adversity with a sledgehammer.

Growing Up

Franklin Cruz was born in New York City and raised by a hard-working single “Nancy” Mother who worked multiple jobs to support him. At the age of ten, Franklin’s mother tragically passed away, leaving him an orphan. Franklin was later adopted, giving him the name Cruz.

“I got into Real Estate while I was still full time in the Military. In no time, I saw something I never saw possible in ME. Having been diagnosed with a learning disability, being adopted and losing your mother at only 10 years of age definitely would leave anyone with a serious feeling of HOPELESSNESS.”

This proved to Franklin from a young age that he was a survivor and could do anything as long as he never gave up. Franklin Cruz went from serving as Sergeant on the sands of Iraq in the United State Army to pursuing his dream as a full time Real Estate Investor from scratch.

If anyone knows how to start with nothing, it’s Franklin.

Since overcoming the many trials and tribulations of his adolescent years, he has reaped the rewards of unmatched qualities and character traits that carry over into his life today. Franklin has turned ASSAULTS into ASSETS.

Franklin’s ultimate passion is taking time out to mentor entrepreneurs who long to expand their Real Estate Investing goals and share their dreams to the masses. Franklin is also an excellent speaker & trainer, and a loving husband, father, and family man.

Professional Accomplishments

Franklin has tons of experience in condo conversions and fix and flip deals. He also specializes in historic property restoration. He thrives on creative financing deals, and has acted as a private lender.

Franklin has decorated military veteran, having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He has appeared on several television programs; “Millionaire Mindset” and “Success Made Simple.”

Author of the book titled, “How To Do Everything WRONG in Real Estate and Still be Successful: 139 Ways I Screwed Up…So You Don’t Have To”.

His new book coming out “How to MAXIMIZE Profits with America’s Rent to Own Program: Now your DREAM can be Realty HOME-OWNERSHIP.”

Franklin’s also is a Managing Member of Bentley Private Real Estate Investment Firm and Founder of LandOwner Club, which is Tampa’s Largest Online Community of Real Estate Investors.

He is also the owner of several Internet Marketing Businesses and former co-owner of * TradeMark Property Management.

His wife, Bridgette, and him started TradeMark Property Management with 0 clients in built it to over 500 units in less than 5 years. The company was later sold to an Investment company.

Franklin gives back!

Franklin has a passion for helping those in need, so he helped to create and is the co-founded for the Hope for Homes Project. Hope for Homes has been acknowledged by Creative Loafing as the Best of the Bay Non-Profit.

Amidst his very busy schedule, Franklin still takes time out to serve his Community, specifically our children and youth. He gives motivational speeches at various venues for the non-profit organization S.E.R.V.E. These children are impacted with encouragement and hope for their futures, as well as challenge and direction in become all that they can be.

Franklin became the founder of the Crossfit Wounded Warrior Project. It’s an annual workout to benefit Wounded Soldiers coming back from war.

Message from Franklin

“I’m a father of two amazing boys: Andrew (5 years old) and Alex (12 years old). I’m also a husband to a drop-dead gorgeous wife named Bridgette. I decided over 8 years ago that I wanted to live a semi-retired lifestyle. My family and I enjoy taking mini-vacations every single month. I live my life on my own terms: debt-free, with no overhead and NO REGRET.

I fully believe that we deserve to live life stress free.”


So here is a list of some of my recent transactions…


This was a 3 bedroom 2 bath property, with an in-ground pool and an unfinished garage next to house.

I sold this property in 2010. I created a 2nd Mortgage at the closing table due to buyers lack of funds on that day…


We bought it for $89,000
Sold it for $137,000
Rehab $12,000
Leased the property until sold.

Here are the Property records below of the transaction

2nd Mortgage

Created for total $4,700 (See Below) with interest only payments of $100.00 per month for the next five years.

We just received a payoff request from a title company for the 2nd Mortgage (see below )

I know that that figure might not look like a ton of money, but we basically pulled the deal outta thin air and I did absolutely no work and still receive a monthly income. So I think we did pretty good!

So here is the breakdown
2nd Mortgage Loan amount $4,700
Interest only payment per month $100 – 5 year balloon
Annual return from mortgage : $1,200
Total Profit at the end of Note that we created $9,500.00

Bought: $89,000
Sold: $137,000
Rehab: $12,000
Approx: $104 all in.
Profit: $28,000
Structure Deal Profit: $9,500
Total Profit: $37,500

Next Deal 2013 – 1711 e Cayuga St.

This Deal I bought for $2,500
This was a Probate Deal meaning that the owner of the property passed away leaving ownership to the survivors.
(See Below) $2,500 sale……….

I decided to take on a Lease Option to buy contract with a sales price of $18,900 on the property since the property was deemed uninhabitable.

My prospect agreed to renovate the property, pay $3500 down, and $775 per month payments for 33 months.

This is how I structured the deal….

Total Interest Payments $10,395
Principal payments: $18,900

Total Profit : $29,295
with a monthly cashflow of over $500 a month

Oh yeah, and I got $3,500 UPFRONT and established ACH Payments “direct deposited.”

** If she defaults on payments we null and void the contract, the deposit is non – refundable, and property is in better condition than when I sold it! Oh, don’t forget cash flow for doing nothing!

Next Deal: Classic FIX & LEASE & FLIP, 817 E Cayuga St.

I bought this property with another investor partner.
Purchased: $19,900
Rehab: $12,500
Leased for over 2 yrs: $21,600 (split 50/50 with partner)

SOLD PROPERTY for $41,500
My profit was $37,303.17

“My only dream is to transform lives, and show people that even if you have tragedy’s in your life you can and will achieve anything you want to create! “

Here’s to your success!
Franklin Cruz

Question: What is your philosophy of life and real estate and what areas do you know? :

My philosophy in Life is “ Your Not Promised Tomorrow, so Live Everyday Like it’s your Last “ I feel this way, because my mom passed out away tragically when I was 10yrs. Due, to her death I was adopted to the “ Cruz “ Family.

My philosophy in Real Estate Investing: “ The only way to Change a Neighborhood is Buy!! “ Real Estate Investing is the Whole True Investment that you can Create Money at least 5 different ways. All you need to do is control it!!