4 Keys to Curb Procrastination

How to become a more effective Million Dollar Investor? Not by procrastinating. Find out how 4 simple reminders will get your tail off the couch and dollars in the bank.   We’re going to keep it simple here, for your attention span’s sake. Ever wonder if you’re milking the cow for all it’s worth? Find […]

3 Tips + Crossfit + (me) = Real Estate Domination

 I have been known to try many workouts in my day, but I haven’t ever encountered one as awesome as Crossfit. Crossfit has a lot of parallels to my professional life. I have boiled this Crossfit knowledge down into three key lessons you can takeaway from, hopefully making you a better investor. 1. The first […]

5 Simple Steps To Build an Online Community For Your REI Business

The Internet reaches over 300 Million Americans nearly every day. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are now the #1 online activity. But what value do these online tools provide for business? It is no longer the information age, it is now the trust age. Keep reading to find out how you can […]

Former Army Sergeant Reveals Secrets to Buying a Neighborhood and Profiting over $60K

Greetings fellow Soldiers, Franklin Cruz, CleverInvestor’s  here I proudly served my country as Army Sergeant for many years. I had earned my way to a cushy desk job. I could have secured the job for good, been safe and secure in my income and not take any risks or leaps of faith into entrepreneurship. My […]

What Real Estate Investors can Learn from a 12 Year Old

It doesn’t take a socio-economic analyst to realize that we have moved into a globalized, constantly plugged in digital culture… And those professionals who deal with website views, sales for digital multimedia devices and e readers know that sales are BOOMING, and only improving. People now get most of their news, products and entertainment online. […]

It’s Situational Marketing, Stupid

Before you get your underwear all in a bunch just know that I’m not calling YOU stupid. This is actually a spin off from a comment where Clinton’s campaign advisor said “It’s the economy, stupid” during the early 90’s presidential election. The comment was a reminder to his internal audience of campaign workers to focus […]

My First Deal (losing $17,500) Almost Made Me Homeless Rather Than Made Me Rich With _____ ! Lessons & Full Story

Howdy, everybody. Like most of us, I’ve had a few bumps along the road in my life’s journey… …and my real estate career is no different. The lessons I’ve learned have proven themselves invaluable to me as a professional – and they’ve been integral to my success (in addition to helping some of the amazing […]