Kim and Kanye Make MILLIONS… Flipping Mansions??

“Imma Let You Finish… But I’m the Greatest Real Estate Investor of ALL TIME”! No, this isn’t an actual quote from Kanye, but it definitely sounds like something he would say. Here’s why YOU as a real estate investor should pay attention to Kim and Kanye…  Kim and Kanye bought an $11 million dollar mansion […]

How Did a Kid with a Learning Disability Become Aide to a Billion Dollar General? (10 Life Lessons)

How did an adopted kid with a learning disability go from a family on food stamps to the becoming the Aide to a General in control of a billion dollar company known as the U.S. Army? Guess what? That kid became the man I am now. This experience shaped who I am today. These are […]

You Decide: Corporate Conveyor Belt or Real Estate Investing?

American jobs are getting more and more SCARCE these days, that’s no secret to anyone. But is taking the exciting yet terrifying leap of faith into the unknown chasm of entrepreneurship really worth the headaches and confusion? In a word (or two): OH. YES. Like with removing yourself from any “comfy” situation, leaving a cushy […]

3 Tips + Crossfit + (me) = Real Estate Domination

 I have been known to try many workouts in my day, but I haven’t ever encountered one as awesome as Crossfit. Crossfit has a lot of parallels to my professional life. I have boiled this Crossfit knowledge down into three key lessons you can takeaway from, hopefully making you a better investor. 1. The first […]

7 Real Estate Investing Myths DEBUNKED (You GOTTA Read #3)

Meet Bev. Bev is an insurance agent. Her annual salary is about $100,000. Despite the good money, she still HATES HER JOB! She isn’t motivated by her supervisors, she doesn’t get along with her coworkers. She has a dream of becoming a real estate investor who has financial freedom to live life the way she […]

How To Calculate Your Net Worth…

I lived a good portion of my life serving in the military and had no idea what my “Net Worth” even was, let alone how to go about calculating it. Now, I get the question all the time from my students and potential students. They ask me: “How do I figure out my net?” This […]