Your Job & Pension are in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Do not trust Obama!

image01If you work for the government in any capacity and aren’t concerned about your future, you might not be paying attention. The shutdown this past fall was only the tip of the iceberg.
A Detroit Judge recently made a ruling that allows the City of Detroit to file for Bankruptcy protection. This could very well happen in your city, even if you work in DC. All jobs supported by some kind of government entity are now in serious jeopardy.

If larger parts of the government SHUTDOWN what could HAPPEN to your RETIREMENT? If your city files for bankruptcy, will YOUR PENSION survive? The retirements, pensions and benefits of our law enforcement, post office workers, and servicemen and are being cut left and right. Denials are commonplace with this Obama-led tyrannical government.

Do YOU trust a government that has SHREDDED the constitution in recent years? Do YOU trust a government that reserves the right to detain any of its citizens indefinitely – without trial, only under the absurdly broad auspices of being a “suspected terrorist”? Do YOU believe an administration that has spent MORE than any other in US presidential history – almost combined? Do YOU believe a government that spends billions of YOUR tax dollars SPYING on you, just to “keep you safe?”

I take the oath I made when I first got into the military very seriously. I love this country, and all  the freedom that comes with living here. Once Army, always Army. My brothers and sisters and I took an oath to defend the constitution against ALL enemies – foreign and DOMESTIC: even against the crooks more commonly known and the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the US government.

Your so-called “SECURE” government job is in SERIOUS peril!

So many people want to stay in their government job because the falsely believe in its security. They think “there’s no POSSIBLE way the GOVERNMENT can go BROKE!” The DEPRESSING REALITY is, my friends, our government is ALREADY BROKE – in fact, hopelessly so. It only takes a simple Google search to see the trillions of dollars of US national debt. And Detroit’s bankruptcy just added to that harsh reality of the unsettling future of the US dollar.

You don’t HAVE to believe me, though.. Here is the original Detroit bankruptcy article:

“Judge Rules Detroit Is Eligible For Bankruptcy And Says Pensions May Be Cut “

I’m certainly no lawyer, but I’ve seen enough “Law and Order “ to have some common sense. More and more cities will use “Detroit’s Bankruptcy Case“ as a reference point to approve their own cities for bankruptcy.

Here’s how I arrived at this conclusion:

  1. The MORE TAXES rise and the LESS INCOME is being MADE, it’s almost inevitable that each and every American city will eventually go COMPLETELY BROKE.
  2. Each NEW Politician that takes offices has to prove himself. That usually means new laws, new agendas, more regulations that can choke the life out of your pension.
  3. America doesn’t really produce or manufacture much of ANYTHING anymore.. We are purely a consumer culture. Really the only revenue comes in to the government is through TAXES.
  4. Average American wages are now lower than that of the 1980’s. We pay and more more for goods, products and services, but some employees now make LESS than their parents made – regardless of inflation.

How average American incomes are now lower than that of the 1980’s explained wonderfully right here:


Now, you might be asking yourself: What could the solution be?
Great Question!!

As an American, your wealth will ONLY be secure if you do one of these 5 things:

  1. Create your OWN INCOME. The Golden Rules in almost any economy is “He who has the gold, makes the rules.” It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to start making our OWN RULES!!
  2. Invest in TANGIBLE assets gold, silver, etc. These are our TRUE assets, as US paper currency becomes less and less valuable.
  3. Invest in real estate. Real estate, land and houses are one of the few Investments you can actually control, touch and feel. Plus, with real estate you can obtain a passive income stream from your investment. Not to mention that no other investments give you as many options for income as real estate, such as: lease options, owner financing, wholesaling, fix and flip, and so on.
  4. Become an Entrepreneur. What are your passions? What are your true talents? What do you have to offer this world that they might want to pay for? GO FOR IT, be your own boss and start your OWN business!
  5. Partner with a Start Up Company. Be sure to grab some stock options in the company before they go public. This could set you up with a nice income stream for life.


Please wake up. Our futures and our children’s futures depend on it.

Lastly, but certainly not least, PLEASE WAKE UP and take this issue seriously. I’m not some right-wing nut job with a political agenda. I don’t make any money from Fox News for bashing Obama. I look at facts. The cold, hard, fact is that our American economy simply cannot survive on its current trajectory. You have the potential to create your own future and attract more wealth in this failing economy than you ever thought possible.

Do you think I’m totally off in this article, or you completely agree with me? Continue the discussion in the comments below or on any of my social channels, and lease explain your answers. I look forward to reading your responses!

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Take control of your income. Stay healthy and wealthy, my friends.

Franklin Andrew Cruz
aka the Real Estate Drill Sergeant”

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