Fund, Fix and Flip (Live on-Site) Training


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[ Xavier one of my students crushing it! Side note: Check out the date of the check ]

I have an incredible surprise for my amazing Florida students!

The other day I was thinking, “how can I continue to prove to my students that I’m the best mentor in the world and improve our connection even more?”

Then the idea hit me…

Field Trip!

Why not have my students come out to a property of mine? This way, they can see the entire house flipping process: step-by step how to fund, fix and flip this deal in Brandon, FL…

All with no money out of pocket!

I decided I JUST HAD to make this event happen. I want my students to have this one of a kind experience in real time. And now we are going to make this HAPPEN!

Because this is a last minute event, I can only accept students from Florida…

As we spend 2 hours going through the property live, you will learn the following:

  1. How to evaluate a flip in less than 10 minutes.

  2. How to “Pretty-Up” a Mini Rehab for maximum Profit.

  3. 911 Marketing Plan

  4. Questions and Answer Session

  5. How obtain 100% Private Financing with one phone call.

  6. How to Market this Property to your Own Buyers! Don’t get worried or nervous, I’ll show you everything you’ll need to know before you commit.

  7. Field Training

Bring the following items along with you:

  1. Pen & Paper

  2. Laptop

  3. Flash Light

  4. Last but NOT LEAST – a BIG SMILE!


The EXACT Address for the Brandon, FL property will be revealed when you RSVP!

Date: Saturday 4/12/14

Time: 8AM – 10ish AM


If you can ABSOLUTELY be there I need to know TODAY, as in RIGHT NOW!

Do you know anyone that can benefit from REI mentorship?

If so, I just have one favor to ask of you: Please Bring a (ONE) Friend! (For Free)

If you have friend that sees you killing it and is interested in becoming a student, or even if you think they could gain value from this training: BRING ‘EM. I want to hit 50 mentoring students by the end of April. I’m at 43 Students right now. (Almost there). Help me reach my goal!


I don’t want anyone to miss out on this event, because I don’t think we’ll ever do anything like this again. Although we need to charge $97 a person for this impromptu class to cover costs, this event about the money. We’re even donating a percentage of all class costs to the Home for Homes Project.

You have a rare opportunity to see a master of his craft IN ACTION. This event is tailor made for people JUST LIKE YOU, with little or no experience, but who are SERIOUS about making MONEY WITH REAL ESTATE NOW. You will see exactly how a fix and flip is done, step-by-step, right in front of your eyes. You can’t get any closer to hands on expertise that that.

Can’t wait to see you all THIS SATURDAY!

[ Some of my other Students ]

“Xavier Fix&Flip Profits”

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“Doug Smith 1 month in Mentorship”

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“George B. Co-Wholesaling Deal”

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