How a Real Estate Investing Expert Changes Lives (Part One – All Star Line Up)

I live my dream with real estate investing each and every day and I help my amazing students do the same. I know what you’re thinking. Is this guy for real? With all the scams out there today, does he really expect me to believe this system is so easy that anyone with drive and investment capital can do it? If I’m putting down that hefty chunk of money, how can I know this system will work? I thought all the same things when I started, and so did most of my students. Not only do we blast through those stereotypes, we rocket into the atmosphere with cash-generating deals made by regular people just like you. Read on to find out how they’re crushing it with real estate investing.

Meet Lilana. When she was first considering my program, she was as skeptical as you might be right now. But she decided to give it a try, and came to me looking to become a real estate investor. She quickly became an accountant by day, and a Real Estate Investor by night! She has been CRUSHING IT ever since! Boom Shakalaka!


 Lilana just made $500 and has more deals in the pipeline! Lilani is one of MANY of my amazing students that have killed it and made tons of cash with my simple program. It simply WORKS – but only if you are willing put your precious time into being successful with real estate investing.

The super star student roster continues…

William Alexander Uzcategui Lozada just started two weeks ago, following the steps line by line. TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKS into mentorship, and he’s already inked his first deal – with more on the way! Here’s the proof:


 Next up, meet Maurice Golson, the former CEO of Pixel Technology. Maurice once flipped printers, now he is flipping houses! And Maurice isn’t just getting starting flipping properties, he’s absolutely CRUSHING IT! Two weeks into mentorship, Maurice and signed a monster deal. This particular property is worth $88K. Maurice (with some wink, wink “help” 😉 negotiated a $27K down payment and that the owner hold $30K in an 11yr note for $300 a month, leaving equity on the deal. The real kicker is the property Rents for $1150 a month. For two weeks in the business, this is a Home Run Deal, congrats Maurice!!!

*** Another Proud Mentor’s Moment, like watching your kid finally make his own meal… ***


*** Maurice is pumped that he just made $4,506.08 for less than 5hrs of work. ***

Maurice that just recently closed a another deal as well. In our next post, we will go into more depth on his story of the deal.

Maurice Golson Real Estate Investor








Next up, meet Hunter. He is only 18 YEARS OLD but he just made $500 from his bedroom! And he says it was “extremely simple”!hunter

Next up is Dr. Tonia Box. Within 15 days of Mentorship, she has made $9 grand!

This deal needed a lot of babysitting, but was worth it in the end.

She contracted the property on the 8th of the month.

 Details of Dr. Box’s Deal:

Probate Deal Contracted

3/2 block home nice area for $105K

Assigned with help of another wholesaler for $114K

Pocketing $9K Assignment fee.

Her words:


Thank you so much for giving me the push and the confidence that I needed to go after and complete my first deal!  For so many years I have wanted to do real estate investing but lacked the confidence. You told me exactly step by step what to do and I did it…with success!

I got on Craigslist, found what looked like a motivated seller, made the call.  I was able to use negotiation tactics described and used by you in teaching other students as well as some ninja tactics taught by Cody in the Fast Tract videos.  It was awesome!! I can’t wait to get my next deal.  Thank you!!

Tonia B


Doc. B’s $9,000 check – BOOOOOOM!

I hope you enjoyed part one of this series. Stay tuned to my blog for the next few parts in this series where we keep telling the stories of my amazing students who have greatly enhanced their everyday lives with real estate investing. Nearly all of my students end up crushing it, so I want to celebrate their success with them by telling their stories on my blog and other social media. Be sure to get on the mailing list so you don’t miss any of my future content and other real estate investing expert advice!

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Committed to your success!

Franklin A. Cruz

“Real Estate Investing Drill Sergeant”