How I Bought a House for $2,500 & Sold for $29,850 over a 7 years term.

“Mr. Franklin Cruz – The People’s Mentor”

1711-e-Cayug-st-featurePeople always ask me why I first got into Real Estate Investing. Rather than showing off a bunch of extensive closing statements and impressive P&L sheets, I want you to show you some real world PROOF of how a regular guy started growing his wealth with real estate.

I got into Real Estate while I was still full time in the Military. In no time, I saw something I never saw possible in ME. Having been diagnosed with a learning disability, being adopted and losing your mother at only 10 years of age definitely would leave anyone with a serious feeling of HOPELESSNESS.

But, on a crazy, normal Military day I saw an infomercial on a Real Estate Investing Guru named R***** *******. I said to myself “If this guy with a long mustache (The Stache) can do this, then what’s stopping ME from doing this!?”

Real Estate Investing has become my TRUE Playing field where anything can happen and is possible. It’s the only career field I know where you can have less education than a nurse, but make 5 times more than a doctor – without the 90 hour work weeks.

So let me take you on a few of my latest Journey’s…

Disclaimer: I’m not a high volume Real Estate Investor, but a low volume high yield Investor. I haven’t taken on more than 30 deals at a time and have had as few as 4 deals in a calendar year. The reason is, I choose to live debt free. I’m a father of two amazing boys: Andrew (5 years old) and Alex (12 years old). I’m also a husband to a drop-dead gorgeous wife named Bridgette. I decided over 8 years ago that I wanted to live a semi-retired lifestyle. My family and I enjoy taking mini-vacations every single month. I live my life on my own terms: debt-free, with no overhead and NO REGRET.

I fully believe that we deserve to live life stress free.


So here is a list of some of my recent transactions…

207_Kings_Row_Brandon_Fl 33510

207 Kings Row, Brandon, Fl 33510

This was a 3 bedroom 2 bath property, with an in-ground pool and an unfinished garage next to house.

I sold this property in 2010. I created a 2nd Mortgage at the closing table due to buyers lack of funds on that day…


We bought it for $89,000
Sold it for $137,000
Rehab $12,000
Leased the property until sold.

Here are the Property records below of the transaction


2nd Mortgage

Created for total $4,700 (See Below) with interest only payments of $100.00 per month for the next five years.

2nd Mortgage

We just received a payoff request from a title company for the 2nd Mortgage (see below )



I know that that figure might not look like a ton of money, but we basically pulled the deal outta thin air and I did absolutely no work and still receive a monthly income. So I think we did pretty good!

So here is the breakdown
2nd Mortgage Loan amount $4,700
Interest only payment per month $100 – 5 year balloon
Annual return from mortgage : $1,200
Total Profit at the end of Note that we created $9,500.00

Bought: $89,000
Sold: $137,000
Rehab: $12,000
Approx: $104 all in.
Profit: $28,000
Structure Deal Profit: $9,500
Total Profit: $37,500

Next Deal 2013 – 1711 e Cayuga St.

 1711 e Cayuga St.

1711 e Cayuga St.

This Deal I bought for $2,500
This was a Probate Deal meaning that the owner of the property passed away leaving ownership to the survivors.
(See Below) $2,500 sale……….


I decided to take on a Lease Option to buy contract with a sales price of $18,900 on the property since the property was deemed uninhabitable.

My prospect agreed to renovate the property, pay $3500 down, and $775 per month payments for 33 months.

This is how I structured the deal….


Total Interest Payments $10,395
Principal payments: $18,900

Total Profit : $29,295
with a monthly cashflow of over $500 a month

Oh yeah, and I got $3,500 UPFRONT and established ACH Payments “direct deposited.”

** If she defaults on payments we null and void the contract, the deposit is non – refundable, and property is in better condition than when I sold it! Oh, don’t forget cash flow for doing nothing!

Next Deal: Classic FIX & LEASE & FLIP, 817 E Cayuga St.

I bought this property with another investor partner.
Purchased: $19,900
Rehab: $12,500
Leased for over 2 yrs: $21,600 (split 50/50 with partner)

817 E Cayuga St

SOLD PROPERTY for $41,500
My profit was $37,303.17


“My only dream is to transform lives, and show people that even if you have tragedy’s in your life you can and will achieve anything you want to create! “

Here’s to your success!
Franklin Cruz

Question: What is your philosophy of life and real estate and what areas do you know? :

My philosophy in Life is “ Your Not Promised Tomorrow, so Live Everyday Like it’s your Last “ I feel this way, because my mom passed out away tragically when I was 10yrs. Due, to her death I was adopted to the “ Cruz “ Family.

My philosophy in Real Estate Investing: “ The only way to Change a Neighborhood is Buy!! “ Real Estate Investing is the Whole True Investment that you can Create Money at least 5 different ways. All you need to do is control it!!