HOW TO: Write an Effective Resignation Letter (Politely Say “I QUIT!”)

boom_check3Almost, everyone dreams of writing their boss an I QUIT letter from time to time; some more than others. I love helping real estate investors and other entrepreneurs tell their bosses that they quit. Helping investors secure their finances for their future and for their families future is an amazingly fulfilling thing. It might sound easy enough, but an effective resignation letter isn’t always that easy. You might also think “why should I care what they think about me quitting”? Four words: Don’t Burn Your Bridges. What if a new opportunity doesn’t work out for you? What if you need a reference from your old boss? What if someone at your old job could have something to add to your new business? What if some of your old co-workers could be your future clients? Professionalism, respect and integrity are always good for business.

I’ve seen a lot of good resignation letters and I’ve heard a lot of great stories of people getting to quit their jobs. But for some reason, this real world example I’m about to tell you sticks out to me…

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Fernando, a student of ours, decided he was ready to quit his “day job” and become a full time real estate investor under our mentorship. He knew the decision was literally a no-brainer- setting his own hours and making much more money doing something he loves- awesome. Fernando was pumping his fists in the air excited to write this letter, but he still was able to maintain a level of professionalism so he wouldn’t burn any bridges at his old job.

resignation letter

What an amazing success story this is! I am so thankful to have been a part of it and it shows the value of professionalism. Like I said, I love seeing people get to do this. We pick the brightest and best students to mentor because we are invested in their success.

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