Why the Difference Between Real Estate Investing Mentor and Coach is CLEAR

How to find a Real Estate Mentor

How to find a Real Estate Mentor

Are you looking for a real estate coach or a real estate mentor? I am a MENTOR. There’s a big difference. Let me explain what it is.And the proof is in the pudding. I don’t just sell my students on a “create wealth with real estate program”. I don’t just have Skype calls with them to get them hype about deals. No, I am right there with them in the trenches in some cases, showing my students exactly what to do to attract endless cash with our proven systems. Many of my students are now my close friends because of the bonds we’ve built together while they’re learning how to be REI rockstars. I’ve seen far too many fakes call themselves “coaches” and “mentors” alike and be anything but. There are no “gurus”, just people who have made more mistakes and learned more than you… I don’t want you to fall for some of these same gimmicks.

Are you starting to see the difference between coach and mentor?

No disrespect to coaches of any kind, but mentors like me are just on a different level. My mentorship list is FILLING UP FAST, with several bright folks eyeing up the last remaining spots. I feel so incredibly blessed to be working with such amazing people. Not to mention, we are all becoming WEALTHY BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS with real estate investing!

Are you ready to get on the list for the Mentorship Program?

STILL don’t believe me? Here is a real conversation with someone interested in Mentorship.  He knows the difference between coaches and mentors.  

Franklin Cruz Real estate Investing Expert

If you’re serious about taking control of your financial future, and living the life of your dreams, then you need a mentor to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible. I know from experience that if you go in blindly, you’re risking more than just your money. You’re risking your family’s future livelihood.

So what are your thoughts on this conversation? What would you like to know? Do you completely agree with me or do you think I am WAY OFF? Share your mentorship or coaching stories too if you feel like it!

Stay blessed, friends. Here’s to your success with real estate.

Franklin A. Cruz
Clever Investor Mentor


Ps. I love seeing my students join the $100K Club! Xavier did it in less than 4 months! Congrats Xavier!




Don’t let financial freedom slip through your fingertips. Step up and take some freakin’ ACTION!!



Remember, your REI Mentor is here for YOU!

How to find a Real Estate Mentor