3 Tips to Get Back Up When You Have NOTHING LEFT

“My legs. Where’d they go? Please help me. Please help me find my legs.”

Heart-wrenching words to hear come from a young person. Wheelchairs, hospital beds and tube feeding are commonplace with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, otherwise known as MS. When 18 year old Kayla Montgomery’s parents pushed her to join the soccer team, this is not what they envisioned for their daughter and her future. Kayla Montgomery and her family thought she might never run again. In spite of that, and in some ways perhaps because of it, Kayla has transformed herself into a star athlete. Thanks to her unwavering dedication and hard work, she is now one of the fastest distance runners in her home state of North Carolina — and in the whole country.

Her time of 10 minutes 43 seconds ranks her 21st in the nation,” the New York Times wrote in March.

Here are 3 tips to take away from this inspiring story:

1. Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do it.

Kayla’s debilitating disorder could have sidelined her for her entire life. Her doctors said that might even happen. She didn’t let that happen. Her parents and coaches didn’t let that happen… Which brings us to number 2.

2. Surround yourself with positive people.

You need people around you and on your team that want to see you succeed as badly as they want to succeed themselves. Kayla’s desire to succeed is as strong as her will to live, and to keep on going… 

3. Envision the finish line and keep chugging away until you cross it.

Every time Kayla crosses the finish line, she experiences extreme discomfort in her legs as she struggles to regain feeling. MS causes her legs to become completely numb as she runs. Imagine how she feels. She collapses after almost every race, but she still gets up. Every time. She refuses to stop. What is YOUR excuse?

I look at this amazing story as yet another reason to never give up in life. To get up every single time you fall down. You will fail, you will fall. It’s how often you get back up that will determine your success in this life.

Watch the video of Kayla’s inspiring story here:


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